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An Exquisite Surprise Menu at The Captain’s Table for Bonaire Culinair

by | Sep 24, 2023 | Events, Restaurants & Dining

The Captain's Table is a fine dining restaurant that is participating in Bonaire Culinair.

Dinner at The Captain’s Table during Bonaire Culinair.

Bonaire Culinair is always the perfect opportunity to try something new. The Captain’s Table opened this past December and has received rave reviews. Bonaire Culinair offered the ideal opportunity to experience their fine dining.

On Friday evening, my friend Kelly and I arrived at The Captain’s Table to experience their surprise menu for Bonaire Culinair. Upon arrival, we were warmly greeted by Anouk and escorted to our elegant table. Soon, we were enjoying a refreshing Rose Prosecco while waiting for our surprise menu to begin with anticipation.

A complimentary amuse.

As we sipped on our prosecco, an amuse-bouche arrived at our table. The presentation was almost too pretty to touch! The amuse arrived in a small box and showcased Chef Rick’s creativity. It was a waffle topped with cream of goat cheese, a sliver of pickle and grape, and togarashi spice. It was absolutely delightful and set the tone for our exceptional culinary journey for the evening.

Our first course.

After we switched to a lovely glass of wine that complemented our upcoming courses, our first course arrived consisting of a crispy tortilla topped with tuna crudo and a salsa made with cucumber, capers, red onion, olive oil, and lime. Drizzled around the plate was oil of chives and algae powder. Not only was the presentation beautiful but the texture and flavors melded together perfectly.

Our second course.

By the time our second course arrived, I wondered why I hadn’t chosen surprise menus in the past! The second course consisted of gyozas filled with duck and vegetables with a hoisin sauce. The dish had a sweet and savory flavor profile with a hint of tanginess. Kelly and I both agreed that the dish was flavorful and divine.

Our third course.

After a while, Chef Rick presented our third course. After setting our beautiful dishes on the table, he proceeded to pour the soup into the bowl from a small kettle. The details that he puts into all his dishes are impeccable! This course consisted of pulled chicken with tauge and mushroom topped with crispy chicken skin. The soup was a tom kha kai soup, a Thai coconut milk soup. 

 “Chef Rick has perfected the soup. It’s like an explosion in your mouth!” 

Our fourth course.

When our fourth course arrived and another glass of wine for the evening, we were already blown away by the surprise courses. The fourth course was fresh tuna caught that morning, gnocchi, lobster sauce, cream of carrot, herbs sponge cake, and beurre blanc. The tuna was cooked to perfection, and each ingredient enhanced the flavor profile.

Our fifth course.

As the night was almost over, we were presented with our final course, a torte a limone. The dessert consisted of a tartlet with lemon curd, fresh raspberries, and merengue. The ice cream was made of basil and atsina cress. It was tangy with just the right amount of sweetness. The smoothness of the ice cream combined with the crunchy texture was the perfect ending to an outstanding surprise menu.

Overall Experience.

The surprise menu forced me to leave my comfort zone and let the talented Chef Rick take the lead. Each course was absolutely exquisite, and I have a new appreciation for surprise menus! The attentiveness of the staff was top-notch, thanks to maître Stef checking on us throughout the night and filling our glasses. It’s safe to say that The Captain’s Table now ranks in our top favorite restaurants. 

Of course, this is a surprise menu, so your menu could be different. Make your reservations today, and trust Chef Rick to make your night memorable.

About The Captain’s Table

The Captain’s Table is a fine dining restaurant in the heart of Kralendijk. The owner, Chef Rick Baak, creates incredible dishes that stimulate your senses and ensure that you experience an unforgettable dinner. With the knowledge of wine and dishes, maître Stef can provide special wine suggestions that pair perfectly with your food combination every time.

The 5-course surprise dinner menu for the Bonaire Culinair event is $65 per person. In addition, you can opt for a wine pairing of 5 glasses of wine, chosen to complement each course to perfection.

 If you haven’t already enjoyed their delectable culinary creations, put it on your next trip’s to-do list! The restaurant is open for dinner Friday through Tuesday from 5:00 PM – 10:00 PM.

Location: Kaya Grandi 7-3
Phone number: +599 786-7777

About Bonaire Culinair.

Bonaire Culinair is a 15-day culinary event that takes place semi-annually at some of Bonaire’s most popular restaurants. Why not step out of your comfort zone and experience a new restaurant?! Bonaire Culinair continues until October 5th, so make your reservations soon!


(Source: Bonaire Insider)

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