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Editor’s Pick of Travel Essentials

Welcome to the Editor’s Pick of Travel Essentials page!

Many of Bonaire’s visitors are curious about what to bring to Bonaire to ensure they have the best vacation. The items below have been hand-selected just for you. The Editor’s Pick of Travel Essential page suggests useful Amazon items for your travel. Just click on the picture and start shopping!

Cameras and Binoculars

Bonaire is known for its water sports, beautiful scenery and nature. A GoPro or Olympus TG6 camera and accessories can help you capture the best moments. Do you love birding? Grab a pair of binoculars so you can see further away.

Dive gear and accessories

Quality dive gear is essential from the BCD to the hard-sole shoes that are needed for shore diving on Bonaire. The majority of Bonaire’s coast is rocky, so hard sole shoes are a must when going into the Caribbean Sea. 

Suitcases and more.

Need a new suitcase? Are you a diver bringing your own gear? While there are many possibilities, hard-sided suitcases will ensure that your suitcase is not punctured which helps to protect your valuables in the suitcase. Of course, there are also many other items to help make your packing and travel experience easier.

Waterproof Dry Containers for your valuables.

Shore diving on Bonaire is great, but the rental companies ask that you keep your car unlocked, especially when at a dive or snorkel site. Purchasing a good dry can for your car keys and money is important. If you do want to take your phone, make sure you have a good case to protect it. If you are on a boat, consider using a dry bag so everything stays safe.

Sun Protectant

The sun in the Caribbean can be brutal. Make sure you protect it with rash guards, hats and reef-safe sunscreen.

Miscellaneous Items

Did you know Bonaire has the best drinking water straight out of the tap? Don’t buy single-use plastic water bottles during your vacation. Bring your own bottle from home! And don’t forget about the insect repellent. It is definitely needed on Bonaire!

Bonaire Bookstore

Looking for books about Bonaire, shore diving guides, reef fish or bird identification books? Visit our Bookstore page. 


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