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Cadushy Distillery, Drink a Cactus in the Heart of Rincon, Bonaire

Have you ever tried drinking a Cactus at The Cadushy Distillery?

As you are driving north to scuba dive or visit Washington-Slagbaai National Park, there’s a very special place that you simply cannot miss, Bonaire’s Cadushy Distillery, found in the heart of the island’s oldest settlement, Rincon.  In this special enclave, you’ll find a unique experience when you enjoy sipping on a cactus, cactus liqueur that is!  Bonaire’s Cadushy Liqueur!

The Cadushy Distillery’s Visitor Center

The Visitor Center is open Monday through Saturday from 10:00 AM straight through until 5:00 PM.  There’s never any charge to visit, and those stopping by will enjoy a tour and be educated on the production process of all of Cadushy’s fine liqueurs and spirits–rum, vodka, tequila, gin, and whiskey.  Sit and sip on a cocktail under the ancient trees in the garden.  Bonaire’s loras (parrots), prikichi (parakeets), and hummingbirds will join you, as the Cadushy garden is a great bird-watching location for terrestrial birds.

The famous--or infamous--Cadushy Mojito!

Cadushy’s Island Liqueurs

Celebrating the diversity of islands in the Dutch Caribbean, Cadushy has blended some very smooth tastes reminiscent of each of the islands.


  • Aruba–A combination of local cherries and agave,
  • Bonaire–Cactus and lime have long been used in traditional Bonaire kitchens, so they are now melded together in this refreshing liqueur,
  • Curacao–Calbas and soursop unite for a distinctive taste sensation,
  • St. Eustatius (“Statia”)–Gold, representing its rich historical past as a major Caribbean trading center,
  • Saba–The island’s spices are legendary, and come together for a tantalizing tang,
  • St. Maarten–the Orange of Orange Liqueur with an herbal bite is perfect for special moments.

Cadushy’s Spirits

  • Rom Rincon is named after Cadushy’s first home, right in Rincon, Bonaire.
  • The award-winning Cadushy Vodka is made with Bonaire cactus!
  • Captain Don’s Whiskey, the first Caribbean whiskey!
  • Salu! Gin, made with Bonaire’s cactus and aloe.
  • Koamati Tequila, made with local Agave and aloe.


Contact Information for the Cadushy Distillery

The Cadushy Distillery

Kaya Cornelis D.Crestiaan #8 and 10

Rincón, Bonaire

+599 701-7011




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