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The Rincon Valley Drive, Hike, and Bike Trails

The Rincon Valley trails offer natural beauty.

The northern area of Bonaire, which lies just on the border of Washington-Slagbaai National Park, has a rich cultural history.  The Valley of Rincon Drive, Hike, and Bike Trails help visitors to explore this treasure-trove of Bonaire experiences.

There are two driving trails.  The Goto Driving Trail and the Onima Driving Trail.  Both can be started in Rincon, or along with other points as well.

The Goto Driving Trail



The Goto Driving Trail (1 hour) can also be started at Karpata.  Along this route, drivers will pass the Rei Willem-Alexander Marine Reserve, Lake Goto, Dos Pos before arriving into Rincon.


The Onima Driving Trail





The Onima Driving Trail (1.5 hours) can also be started at the entrance to Washington Park.  This driving trail makes a ring and will bring you past the Mangazina di Rei (their Rincon Exhibit provides an excellent orientation to the area’s trails), various kunukus, the Indian Inscriptions, Boka Onima, Piedra di Bonairu (the mythical origin of Bonaire), Morotin (where Bonaire’s wind turbines are located) and the panoramic eastern coastline.

When driving, follow the yellow markers.  Conditions of the roads can vary, so do drive with limited speed.  The Onima Trail is best done with vehicles with a high ground clearance.

Hiking Trails in the Rincon Valley

There are three hiking trails (follow the pink markers) that are available, the Montaña Hiking Trail which borders Echo’s Conservation Centre, the Roi Sango Hiking Trail, and the Dos Pos Hiking Trail.  The starting point for both the Montaña Hiking Trail (1-1/2 hours) and the Dos Pos Hiking Trail (1 hour) is at Dos Pos itself.  The starting point for the Roi Sango Hiking Trail (1 hour) is near the entrance of Altamira Unjo.  Be sure you have good hiking shoes on (no flip-flops), and wear a hat and sunscreen, and bring drinking water.

Biking Trails in the Rincon Valley

There are two bike trails along this route as well (follow the blue markers).  Two different mountain bike trails start at Dos Pos.

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