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Neighborhood Roads on Bonaire are Improved

by | Sep 26, 2023 | Local News

Neighborhood roads on Bonaire are receiving a facelift!

The OLB is currently working on renovating various neighborhood roads on Bonaire. The streets that are now being tackled are Kaya Luna, Kaya Solo, Kaya Strea, Kaya Venus, Kaya Saturnus, and also the area around Parke Plasa Chiku Goeloe. The streets will receive new roads and sidewalks. The OLB, under the leadership of the Spatial Planning and Development (R&O) directorate, is committed to improving the island’s infrastructure. The goal is to complete the renovation of all planned streets next year.

Current work.

Currently, work is underway in various areas and neighborhoods to improve the roads and increase the living environment and safety. This is part of previous agreements and programs to make the infrastructure on Bonaire more reliable, durable, and safer. The streets mentioned are now in the process of receiving concrete edges between the road and sidewalk, with pavers for the roads and sidewalks. Kaya Strea and Kaya Luna have recently been completely renewed, and now Kaya Venus and Kaya Solo are on the schedule.

Deputy Hennyson Thielman, responsible for the R&O directorate, recently visited these streets and, like the residents, was satisfied with the progress of the work. He is enthusiastic about the condition of the streets and the improvements. This contributes to a better living environment for the residents. Deputy Thielman emphasized that the work to improve the infrastructure will continue in the coming years, with an emphasis on accessibility, sustainability, and the safety of Bonaire’s roads.

“The goal is that almost all neighborhood roads on Bonaire will be in good condition within 5 years,” says Deputy Hennyson Thielman.

(Source: OLB)

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