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Melisa Sailing Luxury at Sea Bonaire

Melisa Sailing offers an unforgettable Bonaire island experience.

Melisa Sailing is luxury dining at sea, where you can sit back and relax on the spacious lounge decks while enjoying the ocean views with your friends and family. The comfortable cushions and beautiful carpets allow you to experience the only luxury wooden sailboat experience on Bonaire.

The luxury dining experience offers delicious culinary creations and a selection of wines and beverages. Melt into the stunning views and let the crew take care of you.

Brunch at Sea

Would you like to enjoy a fresh brunch at sea while enjoying the changing scenery and the turquoise waters on Bonaire? Let the chef prepare a fantastic, fresh brunch for you and your friends while you soak up the sun.

Sunset Dinner at Sea

Sunset Dinner at Sea includes a decedent 6-course tasting menu, including luxury wines and refreshments. As you are served each course, you will be able to taste different spices blending together to create the perfect culinary delight.

Private Charters

Private charters are available on the Melisa Sailing for birthday parties, wedding ceremonies, wedding receptions, company parties, or other special occasions. Private charters can be custom-made for your needs to ensure you have a magnificent experience.

Behind the scenes.

Ernst Coors is passionate about sailing, dining, and hospitality. This is why he started a Bonaire restaurant at sea. The chef cooks everything fresh onboard and tries to use the most organic ingredients. All of the fish are caught by handlines by local fishermen.

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