Cycling Trails on Bonaire

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Enjoy many different routes when cycling on Bonaire.


Map of Bonaire's cycling trails.

The Coastal Trail / Rincon

Along the paved road and return via Rincon and the dirt road back to the STINAPA offices. Approximately 24km/15 miles, mostly flat with one medium incline, part dirt road.

Optional diversions include:
– the longer circuit via Gotomeer to Rincon
– an even longer extension returning on the main paved Rincon-Kralendijk road
– extending past BOPEC to Playa Frans

The Seru Largu Trail

A short, local circuit including typical rural areas and the fine viewpoint from the top of the hill. Approximately 12km/7.5 miles, undulating steep climb to the viewpoint (elevation 124m/413 feet), mainly dirt road.

The Southern Trail

A circuit around the south of the island featuring the salt works, the slave huts, and Lac Bay. Approximately 40km/25 miles, completely flat, paved road.

Lagun-Cai Trail

A circuit through rural Bonaire featuring Lagun on the dramatic east coast and Cai in Lac Bay with its mangrove area. Approximately 35km/21.5 miles, generally flat, mainly dirt roads.

The East Coast Trail

Across the island to Lagun and then following the raised cliff line to Boca Oliva, alternative return routes either by road or by hill track over to the west coast road. Approximately 36km/22 miles, generally flat except for the hill track which rises gently to 110m/367 feet.

The National Park Trail (two days)

There are alternative routes to the National Park entrance but we recommend following the East Coast Trail and continuing along the coast via Boca Onima. The return should be via Rincon and the Coastal Route. Within the park, the tour is guided only per park rules. Arrangements must be made in advance for bicycle entry. Approximately 70km/43.5 miles, generally flat, combination dirt and paved roads.


Additional cycling trails within Bara di Karta and the Rincon Valley.

In recent years, bike trails, in addition to driving and walking trails have opened up in several areas of Bonaire–The Bara di Karta trails and the trails of the Rincon Valley.

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