Reef Renewal Foundation Bonaire

Reef Renewal Foundation helps protect Bonaire’s coral.

Most of Bonaire’s diving visitors say they return time and time again because the diving on Bonaire is in unspoiled nature. Bonaire is known around the world for the way it protects its nature. That’s why in 2012 the Bonaire island council granted a permit to the Reef Renewal Foundation Bonaire to begin developing a coral nursery and reef restoration project in Bonaire.

The Reef Renewal Foundation’s goal is to protect and restore the coral reefs.

The foundation’s goal is to restore the degraded portion of the reef. In particular, RRF focuses on the shallow water population of staghorn and elkhorn corals.  Additionally, the focus is placed on the adjacent island Klein Bonaire.

Outplanted Elkhorn corals at Carl's Hill, a dive site on Klein Bonaire; image courtesy of CRFB.

The Foundation has also expanded its restoration efforts to more species, first through its larval propagation program and now fragmentation technique. Maximizing the number of species that benefit from restoration is crucial to ensure that future reefs are as genetically diverse and resilient as possible, especially to temperature and Stony Coral Tissue Loss Disease (SCTLD).

Coral nurseries are at Klein Bonaire and the western coastline of Bonaire.

The main production coral nursery is situated on Klein Bonaire, where the coral is disturbed as little as possible. Additional nurseries are located at quite a few locations on the west coast of Bonaire as well.

Over 55,000 corals have been outplanted.

After approximately eight months spent in the nursery, healthy and mature corals are outplanted to a degraded portion of the reef at restoration sites. As of the beginning of 2024, Reef Renewal staff and volunteers have outplanted more than 55,000 corals to different restoration sites around the island.

Participating in the Reef Renewal program makes people aware of the state of the reef and its threats. Also, it contributes to their personal development as divers. When you participate, you learn proper skills and techniques that will carry with you on future dives.

Part of the restoration site at Tori's Reef, image courtesy of CRFB.
Outplanted Elkhorn cluster at Carl's Hill on Klein Bonaire, image courtesy of CRFB.

Get Involved.

Interested in volunteering or donating to help keep Bonaire’s reef healthy? Contact Reef Renewal Foundation for more information.

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