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Primary Care Physicians on Bonaire, Locally Called “House Doctors”

House doctors on Bonaire.

Primary care physicians are called “house doctors” on Bonaire.  Once you have registered as a resident and have your sedula, you can visit the doctor’s office of choice and register to be a patient.  House doctors are the first contact for any illnesses, accidents, or other situations requiring a doctor’s care unless the situation is urgent.

Generally, one can transfer their house doctor’s registration to another physician quarterly.  If you wish to change your registered house doctor, check with the office of ZJCN, the island’s health service administrator.


Primary Care Physicians Offices
Dr. E. Bernabela
Dokterskliniek Antriol
Kaya Erica 1, Antriol
+599 717-5238
Dr. M. L. Lont
Medical Center Cross Roads
Kaya Nikita 1
+599 717-2246
Dr. Jan Schräder
Bonaire Medisch Centrum
Kaya Soeur Bartola 17
+599 717-7151
Centro Medico Central
Kaya Soeur Bartola 7
+599 715-3010
Dr. Eijsenga
Kaya Monseigneur Niewindt 3
+599 717-0777,
WhatsApp +599-795-7171
Dr. Castro de Castro Huissartsenpraktijk
Kaya Oleader 4, Rincon
+599 717-6250

For information on dialing a Bonaire phone number from off-island, see the Phone page.

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