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Fitness, Yoga, & Spas

Getting in shape and feeling great is easy on Bonaire.

If your usual workout includes classes, exercise, and weight machines, you may want to continue your regimen even when you’re vacationing. There are great options for staying fit and healthy.

Watersports, land activities, and nature are the highlights of a vacation on Bonaire. But after the wind and the water, your weekend warrior body may need a little pampering. Bonaire offers several day spas where you can soak, wrap, trim, and massage to your heart’s content.

Recommended Fitness PracticesTypes of Classes
Zest for Life Yoga
Private Yoga classes
Variety of group Yoga classes

Recommended Wellness ProductsLocal Products Offered
Betta Grasse
Locally-made Lemongrass Tea, Awa di Lamunchi, Bonairean Spice Cookies and Avocado Spearmint Bread

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