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Hotels, Resorts, and Other Accommodations on Bonaire

Bloozz Resort Bonaire

Bonaire has a number of resorts that offer world-class service to the discerning traveler. They have been rated as among some of the best in the Caribbean. There are also some illegal rentals that do not charge the tax and are therefore not regulated by any governing agency and may not meet basic standards set by the government. Bonaire does not have a Better Business Bureau (BBB), but all businesses must be registered with the Chamber of Commerce.

Senses Boutique Hotel & Apartments Bonaire

Accommodations for groups, or a bungalow for one or two, and everything in between is available.

If you are looking for apartments for larger groups, there are condominium rentals and a number of private villas from which to choose. Bungalows on the beach, sea view cottages, or comfortable, homey rooms ranging from five stars to budget are available. There are no camping facilities in Bonaire. There are several management companies that represent a wide variety of individually owned apartments, villas, and houses.

No matter where you choose to stay, you can be assured that you will be made welcome.

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Senses Boutique Hotel & Apartments Bonaire
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