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Books about Bonaire, the Caribbean, the Ocean, and Nature

Welcome to InfoBonaire’s Bookstore!

Many of Bonaire’s visitors want to learn more about the island either before their trip or have a lasting memento of a wonderful visit.  The books below fit the bill!  We have included books about Bonaire, the Caribbean, ocean life, and many other related topics.

Wall Calendars

Ellen Muller's Underwater Bonaire 2024 Calendar

Caribbean Fish Identification Books

Do you have a passion for underwater exploration and enjoy learning about the various fish species you come across? Explore these informative books on fish identification specifically tailored for the Caribbean region.


Reef Guide, Bird guides, and more!

Expand your knowledge of Bonaire with these additional informative books. They will not only assist you in navigating dive and snorkel sites but also offer insights into areas around the island and the diverse bird species that inhabit the region.


Novels based on Bonaire

Of course, there are a few different novels that are based on Bonaire. These stories allow readers to vicariously experience the island’s charm and character. Check out the list of novels and immerse yourself into stories about Bonaire.


Underwater Photography and Ocean related books

While the list below isn’t related to Bonaire, they still may peak your interest if you love underwater photography and the ocean.


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