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Unique Tours

Bonaire offers unique opportunities to delve into the local history and culture, but many times, these opportunities go overlooked.


The Cadushy Distillery

Bonaire’s Cadushy Distillery in Rincon offers a unique opportunity to get a behind-the-scenes overview of how the island’s liqueurs are made, using local ingredients–cactus and lime! But as interesting as that is, visiting The Cadushy Distillery is just a pleasant way to spend a few hours. You’ll be nestled within the confines of Cadushy’s garden, with mature trees and flocks of parrots and parakeets who visit all day long. Sit quietly, and you’ll most likely see both of Bonaire’s hummingbirds! Cadushy is one of the best spots in Rincon for birdwatching! Adjoining the garden is the historical building of (previously) Rincon’s cinema, now home to the Bonaire Heritage Foundation, where one can view images of a Bonaire gone by! But of course, the best part is tasting! Try out any of Cadushy’s specially blended liqueurs or enjoy their award-winning fine spirits!

The famous--or infamous--Cadushy Mojito!

Bonaire Landsailing Adventures

With the only dedicated Blokart track in the Caribbean, Bonaire Landsailing Aventures provides a unique and fun opportunity to harness Bonaire’s trade winds and sail along the coast!  But instead of sailing in the traditional manner, with Bonaire Landsailing Adventures, you’ll be whipping along a track on land.

With equipment for nearly every age or level of experience, including beginners who have “never done it,”  the staff at Bonaire Landsailing Adventures will have you sailing around the track in no time at all!

Rounding the bend at the landsailing track on Bonaire!

Explore Natural Caves with Shekhinah Tours

Did you know Bonaire has over 400 hidden caves?! Shekhinah Tours offers exciting cave tours with a local guide. It is a unique opportunity to explore three various caves, including two dry caves and a wet/dry cave, where you can snorkel in freshwater and explore multiple caverns. During this active tour, you will explore and maneuver around beautiful formations, fossilized corals, and limestone with the help of your guide.

Bonaire's cave system is impressive, with more than 400 caves.

Bara di Karta Trails

To enrich the experience of any Bonaire visit, be sure to visit the “real” Bonaire, by exploring the area of Bara di Karta, using the driving, cycling, or hiking trails.


Rincon Valley Trails

Many visitors to Bonaire are familiar with the many attractions that the northern half of the island brings, but the driving, hiking, and biking Trails of the Valley of Rincon help to highlight this special area.  Take some time on your next visit and see a new side of the island!

Get Involved.

Always a favorite, from May through October, join the sea turtle experts at STCB (Sea Turtle Conservation Bonaire), as they walk the beaches of Klein Bonaire doing sea turtle nest monitoring.  You’ll be looking for signs of recent nests made by female sea turtles and looking for the little ones once they hatch and are on their way to the sea.

Another way to get involved is with Reef Renewal Foundation. If you are a scuba diver or passionate about the ocean, find out how you can help.

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