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All Things Bonaire

Eagle Ray by Meredith and Steve Schnoll

The sea

Bonaire is a small island located in the southern Caribbean known for its role in Nature, especially our Marine Environment. Bonaire has excellent Scuba Diving, Snorkeling, Fishing, Sailing, Windsurfing, and Kiteboarding, among other things. Kayak in the mangroves in the bay or venture out into the open ocean for a challenge.

Eagle Ray by Meredith and Steve Schnoll

The land

Enjoy the nature of the land by Hiking through new areas of Bonaire. Let the wind challenge you with Landsailing. Experience a Professional Photography Session on-land or beneath the surface. Bonaire offers plenty of Sightseeing Tours, Unique Tours, Shopping for local souvenirs, Arts & Crafts, and Kids’ Activities.

Eagle Ray by Meredith and Steve Schnoll


Bonaire provides a diverse mixture of Culinary Cuisines. With over 100 Restaurants to choose from, you will not go hungry! Venture outside your comfort zone and experience the Caribbean flavors of the local dishes. Our Sustainable Seafood Guide will allow you to make the right choice for Bonaire’s marine ecosystem.

Eagle Ray by Meredith and Steve Schnoll

Travel to Bonaire

Find info on Airlines that Fly to Bonaire, Accommodations, and Bonaire Travel Tips. Bonaire is a small island, but not small enough to walk everywhere. The Getting Around Bonaire page will link you to the various Car Rentals and Scooter companies so you can find just what you need.

Eagle Ray by Meredith and Steve Schnoll

Find Adventure

A Bonaire Adventure awaits you! Use the search feature in the top menu, or if you prefer to browse what the Island has to offer, start with Things to Do in Bonaire, About Bonaire, Events, and the Bonaire Insider News page.

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Celebrate Culture

Our Calendar of Events covers the latest on Bonaire, from the present through months from now, so you can best plan your schedule to include these upcoming island-wide events. Learn about Bonaire’s Annual Events, Culture, and History.

Bon Bini!

It’s how we say “Welcome” on Bonaire!

Many descriptions have been written about Bonaire: Best Kept Secret, Unhurried, Unspoiled, Unforgettable; Diver’s Paradise; and the list goes on… these statements are true!

Over 55% of Bonaire visitors are repeat visitors!

Most first-time Bonaire visitors have heard about the Climate, the water, the sun, and all the things to do in Bonaire. Repeat visitors generally say that they didn’t have enough time to do everything on their first visit. “It is the warmth and friendliness of the people” that keeps visitors returning year after year.

Bonaire has the reputation of being laid back, slower-paced, and tranquil. The good news is that while this is all quite true, the island also offers Fun Places to Visit, world-class Restaurants, and Nightlife. When you first come to the island, you are a visitor. When you leave, you are a friend.

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