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Grocery Stores, Supermarkets and Food Items

Bonaire has quite a few supermarkets.

If you’re more interested in cooking for yourself, you can find much of what you may need to make a killer chili, some nice pasta dishes, and more at the local supermarkets. In addition to the more formal market stores such as Warehouse Bonaire, Van den Tweel, or the Top Supermarket which are the largest supermarkets, you will also find smaller markets around the city.

Recommended Local ProductsLocal Products Offered
Betta Grasse
Locally-made Lemongrass Tea, Awa di Lamunchi, Bonairean Spice Cookies and Avocado Spearmint Bread
Cadushy Distillery
+599 701-7011
Locally-made spirits and island liqueurs.

Finding fresh fish.

Fresh fish is also available on Bonaire, with Wahoo or Dorado being commonly sold. However, the fish sellers work out of their homes and don’t always have fish available, nor are always in. Ask a local when you get here how to find a local fish seller. We’ve found that the best time of the day to go is usually between 5:00 and 6:00 PM because the fishermen have usually come back by then with their catches.

Eating organically.

Eating organic?  Then be sure to view what’s available in locally grown produce at Van den Tweel Supermarket and the Warehouse.

For information on dialing a Bonaire phone number from off-island, see the Phone page.

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