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Bonaire’s Night Life

Nightlife on Bonaire is plentiful with clubs or casinos.

Bonaire holds its own when compared to many spots in the Caribbean when it comes to nighttime activities. The obvious, night diving and snorkeling, are a given, but there are a lot more activities that visitors can enjoy topside.

Salsa, Merengue, and Bachata can be found at any of Bonaire’s nightclubs.

Want to dance the night away? There are a number of nightclubs, bars, and cafes, both in town or on the ocean promenade, often with live music played by one of the island’s musical groups, including Little Havana, Cuba Compagnie, and Trocadero. Enjoy the nightlife and show off your new dance moves to great Latin sounds.  

Many of Bonaire’s dining establishments also have lively bars, so check to see if your favorite restaurant has what might become your favorite watering hole.

Bar/Club LocationAdditional Notes:
Balashi Bar
Divi Flamingo Beach Resort & Casino
+599 717-8285
Brandaris Cafe
Kaya Simon Bolivar #22
+599 717-4596
Coconut Crash
Plaza Resort Bonaire, 80 Julio A. Abraham Boulevard
+599 717-2500
Cuba Compagnie
Kaya Grandi #1
+599 717-1822
Thursday night is Latin Night
Karel's Beach Bar
12 Kaya J.N.E. Craane, Kralendijk
+599 717-8434
Lucas Bar
Kaya L. D. Gerharts #4
+599 717-7270
Tiki & Co
Kaya Bonaire, Kralendijk
+599 795-7972
Little Havana
Kaya Bonaire, Kralendijk
+599 700-5927

Visit the casino if you’re ready for Lady Luck.

If you are feeling lucky, there is a casino that has slots and table games for you to test your skill. Divi Flamingo Beach is open every night, except Sunday, until the wee hours.  Plaza Resort Bonaire holds a very popular Poker Night as well.

Seasonal activities.

There are many scheduled night-time activities according to the season. Early October is Regatta time, and in February, Karnaval is the main attraction.

Check the calendar of events for the time period you are planning your Bonaire vacation.

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