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Biography of Ellen Muller

About Ellen Muller

Ellen Muller moved to Bonaire from the United States in 1980. She picked up an underwater camera in 2001 and instantly became hooked on underwater photography. Her passion is being able to share with others the amazing beauty of Bonaire’s underwater world.  Her stellar underwater images are featured on InfoBonaire.

Ellen Muller, one of Bonaire's most talented underwater photographers.

Two new species for Bonaire, thanks to Ellen!

Ellen has an uncanny ability to find the smallest, most hidden, and concealed creatures.  This ability has led her to find, document, and name a few new species.  Check out one of her findings, the Candy-striped Crab.

View her stunning photography.

View a gallery of some of Ellen’s best underwater photography or view more of Ellen’s work on her website.

Take home an “Ellen Muller.”

Those visitors who are interested in taking home an “Ellen Muller” can visit Pasa Bon Pizza in Kralendijk, where prints can be viewed and purchased.  (See the price list.)

Images available for viewing at Pasa Bon Pizza.

Choose your image online.

Those who prefer not to have to carry a print back home can choose their favorite image directly online, which also gives the added benefit of specifying different sizes. For additional information or to place an order, email EllensBonaireCalendars@yahoo.com.

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