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Car Rentals

Reserve your car rental with AB Car

Renting a car or truck is ideal.

Vehicle rental companies may charge for additional drivers. Manual transmission (stick shift) is the norm for most vehicles, but automatic transmission vehicles are available in a limited supply but usually cost more to rent. Automatics should definitely be reserved well in advance to ensure availability. Although many rental companies are located at the airport or just across the street, others are off-premises but do supply airport or hotel pickup and delivery.

Recommended Car Rental Companies
AB Car Rental
+599 717-8980

Important Facts About Car and Vehicle Rentals on Bonaire:

  • Most cars are manual/standard transmissions.
  • Pickups tend to be the best option for shore divers.
  • Your car insurance or Gold Credit Card may not cover your rental (CDW).
  • Yes, we drive on the right side of the road. Most signs are in Dutch/International symbols.
  • Some rental policies prohibit you from entering Washington Slagbaai National Park or going off-road except for jeeps and pickups.  Be sure to check with your rental company.
  • Government Tax: 6% sales tax on rental fee plus $4.00 per day government tax.
  • Like anywhere, always lock up your vehicle and take care of your valuables. However, at dive sites, we recommend you leave your windows rolled down and the vehicle unlocked using the security device provided by the rental agency.
  • Minimum age 21-30 (varies from the company and depends on the type of car).
  • International driver’s license or any valid license held for at least two full years.
  • The deposit can be anywhere from $280 to $572. No cash deposit is needed when paying with an accepted major credit card.

The same rules of the road apply to mopeds, scooters, and bicycles as well. To learn more about driving on Bonaire, view the Traffic page.

Gas Stations

There are also several gas stations (petrol, or fuel) on Bonaire offering unleaded gasoline as well as diesel.

Gas Stations on Bonaire
Kaya Industria 10
+599 717-6006
Kaya Korona 107
+599 717-4330
Gas Xpress
Kaya Tribon 1
+599 717-7171
Rincon Station
+599 717-6366

Other Car Rental Companies
AVIS Car Rental
+599 717-5795
Back to Basic Bonaire
+599 780-6228
Bonaire Rent a Car
+599 86-6090
Budget Car Rental
+599 717-4700
Caribe Car Rental
+599 717-6050
FairMiles Car Rental
+599 786-4039
Flamingo Car Rental
+599 717-5588
Happy Move Car Rental
+599 796-0000
Hertz Car Rental
+599 717-7221
PB Car Rental
+599 717-7424
Rento Fun Drive
+599 786-1440
Tropical Car Rental
+599 787-3090

For information on dialing a Bonaire phone number from off-island, see the Phone page.

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Book your vehicle for your Bonaire vacation with AB Carrental.
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