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Discover the hidden beauty of Bonaire.

Do you want to experience the highlights of Bonaire’s beautiful nature? Shekhinah Tours Bonaire is a local family business that strives to show you the best highlights of Bonaire during an enjoyable excursion. With no more than eleven people per tour group, you will be able to interact and feel at home with your knowledgeable tour guide while exploring Bonaire.

Choose from a selection of tours.

  • North and South Tour – The North and South Tour gives you the best of both worlds since the north and south parts of the island are very different. Explore 28 points of interest with a knowledgeable, Bonairian resident.
  • North and South Tour + Beach – During this tour, you will see 33 points of interest and visit Sorobon Beach. You will also visit local neighborhoods to sample snacks and drinks native to this region.
  • North Tour – The North Tour takes you through winding roads with dramatic views. Experience 18 points of interest during this tour.
  • South Tour – The South tour takes you along the southern part of Bonaire, visiting 17 points of interest. As you head south, you will see the beautiful contrasting colors of the sea on one side of the road and the pink salt pans on the other.
  • Washington Park Tour – Discover Washington Slagbaai National Park, which covers 1/5 of the island. During this tour, you will visit hidden coves, secluded beaches, salt lakes & magical watering holes. With off-roading paths, dirt roads, and beautiful scenery, you are sure to experience a fun adventure!
  • Hiking Tour – Hike on our local hill “Seru Largu” which translates from the local language Papiamentu to “Long Hill” featuring a fantastic view of the island. As you hike, the local guide will tell you about Bonaire’s history and unique flora & fauna.
  • Donkey Sanctuary Tour – Visit the rescue donkeys brought in for care and healing. You will be able to interact with the donkeys throughout the drive as they regularly “say hello” and attempt to put their noses through the car window!
  • Cave Tour – Did you know Bonaire is home to many caves? During this tour, you will explore three caves, including two dry caves and a wet/dry cave, where you will have the opportunity to snorkel in freshwater and explore multiple caverns. During this active tour, you will explore beautiful formations, fossilized corals, imprints, and limestone.
  • Snorkel Trip – Snorkeling on Bonaire is beautiful. During this tour, your guide will take you to a snorkel site to view the underwater world. You may even spot a turtle or eagle ray!
  • Private North & South Tour – The Private North and South Tour gives you the best of both worlds since the north and south parts of the island are very different. Explore 28 points of interest with a knowledgeable, Bonairian resident.
  • Rincon Visit – Rincon Village is the oldest village on Bonaire and is rich in history. Explore 10 points of interest during this tour.
  • South Tour Highlights – Rich in history and beauty, the South of Bonaire has breathtaking ocean views and points of historical architecture. On this tour, your local guide will share with you information about the nature, economy and highlights of this region as you explore and take in the sounds and sites of the coast.
  • North and Landsailing Tour – On this tour, you’ll learn about and see the beautiful North of Bonaire PLUS have a thrilling adventure learning to landsail on the East Coast. It’s a tour and adventure in one, so you can experience it all!
  • Flamingo and Mangrove Tour – The mangrove forest of Lac Bay is one of the best-preserved mangrove forests in the Caribbean. As you visit the mangroves, you will see flamingos in their natural habitat.
  • Indian Inscription Tour – On this tour, you will visit the Indian inscriptions that are believed to be markings of the Arawark Indians.

Taxi rides.

Are you looking for a taxi ride? Shekhinah Tours Bonaire offers round-trip taxi rides to destinations around the island.

Airport transfers.

Are you looking for an Airport Transfer? Book an airport transfer, and you will be greeted at Bonaire’s International Airport upon arrival. After a long day of travel, let the drivers handle your luggage safely and take you to your accommodation. Your driver will have a welcome package for you with local information, a Bonaire map, and a list of activities you can do on the island.

About Shekhinah Tours Bonaire.

Shekhinah Tours Bonaire is a local family business established in March 2005. As a family business, the goal is to make each guest feel welcome and a part of the family when on Bonaire. With the help of knowledgeable and professional tour guides, they strive to meet every demand to make your holiday unforgettable.

A small group enjoying time with their local guide from Shekhinah Tours

If you are visiting from a cruise, you are guaranteed to be back on the ship 1 hour before the ship’s departure time. Each tour is up to eleven people per vehicle in a shared van, car, or pick-up depending on the number of guests. The goal is for you to leave the Island happier than when you arrived.

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