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Getting Around Bonaire

Book your vehicle for your Bonaire vacation with AB Carrental.

A vehicle is needed to explore Bonaire.

Even for a small island, there is plenty to see. However, it does require some form of motorized transportation. If you do choose to rent a vehicle or scooter, it will be necessary to produce a valid driver’s license (U.S., Canadian, and European licenses are all accepted), be at least 21 – 25 years of age depending on the rental agency, and you may be restricted to the type of vehicle you can rent as well,) and pay a deposit or use a credit card for security. An advance reservation is highly recommended, especially during holiday travel periods.

The rules of the road.

Once you have secured a car or scooter, be sure to familiarize yourself with the traffic signs (a copy should be given to you) and the rules of the road. We drive on the right, the same as in the States and most of Europe. Be aware that if you rent a bike or motor scooter, the same rules that apply to cars also apply to you.

Public transportation and taxis.

There is little public transportation, however, taxis are reasonable and will be happy to give tours at an hourly rate. Additionally, Bonaire’s various sightseeing tour companies can also accommodate both large and small groups.

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