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World Cleanup Day on September 16th

by | Sep 13, 2023 | Events, Local News, Nature

World Cleanup Day

World Cleanup Day is Saturday!

Are you looking for something to do on Saturday? Consider participating in World Cleanup Day on Bonaire. Fundashon Bonaeiru Limpi I Bunita, Selibon and the local government of Bonaire are joining forces and invite everyone to pitch in and help cleanup Bonaire.

Event details

On September 16, 2023, at 8:00 AM, everyone is invited to meet at Kaya Calixta (meeting point). From there, specific areas will be cleaned including Kaya Calixta, Kaya Statius Van Eps, Kaya Uranus, the Road to Washikemba, and the coast of Lac Cai.

About World Cleanup Day

World Cleanup Day is a global event that aims to combat the problem of litter and waste pollution. On this day, millions of volunteers in countries all around the world join forces to clean up litter from various environments.

it is not just about cleaning up waste; it also raises awareness about the need for responsible waste management, recycling, and sustainable consumption. The event encourages people to take responsibility for their own waste and to promote long-term changes in behavior to reduce litter and pollution.

By helping clean up areas on Bonaire or wherever you may be in the world, individuals and communities contribute to a cleaner and healthier environment and also help to address the global issue of waste pollution.

(Source: Fundashon Boneiru Limpi i Bunita)

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