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Animal Welfare Working Group Launched

by | Apr 9, 2024 | Local News

Bonaire has launched a new Animal Welfare Working Group

A new working group focuses on the welfare of animals.

The Public Body of Bonaire (OLB) has a new working group focused on the welfare of animals on the island. The creation of the Animal Welfare Working Group is a continuation of the previous Dog Welfare Working Group and shows that the OLB remains committed to making life better for all animals on Bonaire.

Continuation of previous efforts

This new working group builds on the work of the Dog Welfare Working Group. It will focus on the current problem of (loose) dogs and is committed to a wider range of animals. The main goal of the working group is to improve the living situation of animals on our island and reduce complaints, with special attention paid to their well-being and health.

Increasing knowledge and awareness

In addition to improving the living conditions of animals, the working group also aims to increase knowledge in the field of animal care. Through educational programs and information initiatives, the working group wants to ensure that animal owners and animal lovers have the necessary information and skills to properly care for their pets.

Informational campaign

The working group will start in the coming second quarter with an information campaign aimed at increasing awareness among animal owners and animal lovers. This campaign will include several aspects of highlight animal welfare and offer practical tips for caring for and protecting our beloved pets. It is a precursor to action regarding good animal welfare will be undertaken.

(Source: OLB)

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