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Must-Have Items for Your Bonaire Getaway: Packing Guide

by | Nov 13, 2023 | Shopping

An essential Packing Guide for your Bonaire Getaway

A Packing Guide for Your Upcoming Bonaire Vacation.

It’s the peak season in Bonaire, drawing in those seeking refuge from the chilly winter months in favor of warmer climates. Some people prefer to plan and pack their suitcases well ahead of time, while others opt for last-minute preparations. This packing guide ensures you’ll have all you need for an unforgettable Caribbean vacation on dushi Bonaire.

Sun protection

Opting for a rashguard is the top choice for both effective sun protection and being considerate of the reef. Whether you’re swimming, snorkeling, or engaging in any water-based activities in Bonaire, donning a wetsuit or rashguard is key to avoiding the discomfort of sunburn. Prioritize covering up for the well-being of your skin.

While sunscreen is another option, it’s vital to be mindful of its impact on Bonaire’s reefs. To safeguard these ecosystems, opt for a reef-safe sunscreen that doesn’t contain oxybenzone or similar chemicals. Always double-check the label to ensure it truly meets reef-friendly standards.

Cameras, phones, chargers

Ensure you don’t leave these items behind. Nobody wants to spend the better part of a day searching for a store that might not even have what you require. It’s also wise to double check with your accommodation to see if 110v or 220v is available. Depending on the place, you may need an adaptor. Make sure to include these essentials on your packing checklist to avoid any oversights.


Having binoculars at hand is a wonderful way to observe birds, particularly the captivating flamingos! Many individuals express their desire to witness these magnificent creatures. While it’s possible to spot them from the road, it’s strictly prohibited to venture off-road into their habitat. While there’s a chance you might be fortunate enough to find a few near the road, it’s not guaranteed. Having a pair of binoculars with you will increase your chances of viewing these magnificent creatures.

Snorkel or dive gear

Countless visitors relish the opportunity to submerge themselves in the pristine waters of the Caribbean Sea. There is an abundance of water-based activities on Bonaire, including scuba diving, snorkeling, windsurfing, kitesurfing, and exploring the mangroves by kayak. Make certain you come prepared with the right equipment to maximize your enjoyment of the vacation.

Hard-sole boots

A crucial addition to your packing list is a pair of hard-sole boots, especially when diving and snorkeling from the shore. Given Bonaire’s rugged coastline, it’s essential to be considerate of your feet. Equip yourself with hard-sole boots and open-heel fins for added comfort and protection. Consider including a pair of lycra socks to ward off potential blisters. Need a few suggestions of water sports gear? Check out our list of travel essentials below.

Reusable water bottles

The tap water in Bonaire is not only refreshing but also of high quality, making it perfectly safe for consumption. Consider bringing a reusable water bottle with you, or you can easily purchase one upon your arrival. It’s unnecessary to purchase single-use plastic bottles from stores, as there’s already an abundance of plastic in our oceans. Let’s do our part in reducing plastic waste!

Beach towels and swimwear

Although some resorts may offer beach towels, this is not always the case. It’s advisable to confirm with your accommodation regarding the availability of beach towels. If they aren’t provided, make sure to pack your own. And, naturally, don’t forget your swimwear – an essential for any Caribbean getaway!


Sunglasses are essential for a vacation on Bonaire. Don’t forget to bring polarized sunglasses to help minimize the intense glare of the tropical sun. Polarized sunglasses lenses offer added protection against harmful UV rays, shielding the eyes from potential long-term damage.

Bug repellent

Though bug spray is available for purchase on Bonaire, there may be times when it might be sold out due to the high demand. Bonaire’s rainy season, usually spanning from September through December/January can bring an influx of mosquitoes due to standing water. Keep in mind that mosquitoes tend to be more active during dusk and dawn.

Books about Bonaire.

There are a diverse range of guidebooks for sale online. These books cover everything from scuba diving and snorkeling spots to bird identification, fish identification, and beyond. Explore our bookstore to discover a wealth of Bonaire-related books.

Check out the Editor’s Pick of Travel Essentials.

For a hassle-free vacation in Bonaire, refer to our detailed packing guide of essential travel items.Start your preparations today and rest assured that your Caribbean vacation on Bonaire will be a memorable one.

(Source: Bonaire Insider)

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Tanya Deen has been living in Bonaire since December 2016. She is a PADI Master Scuba Diver Instructor and enjoys underwater and bird photography. Tanya is the Editor-in-Chief of the Bonaire Insider tourism news blog.
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