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Where to Find Betta Grasse Refreshments on Bonaire

by | Apr 27, 2024 | Shopping

Betta Grasse products

Discover Betta Grasse refreshments around the island.

Betta Grasse is a local company that creates delicious on-the-go drinks and offers a refreshing escape from the tropical heat. Its unique selection of Lemongrass Tea and Awa di Lamunchi drink options, crafted from naturally grown ingredients and packaged in recyclable bottles, can be found at various restaurants and stores around the island.

About Betta Grasse products

What sets Betta Grasse apart is its commitment to using fresh and locally sourced ingredients to promote sustainability. One of the highlights is its range of signature grass-based drinks, which are refreshing and packed with essential nutrients to promote overall well-being. From freshly squeezed fruit juices to invigorating herbal teas, each product is thoughtfully crafted to provide a delightful fusion of taste and wellness.

Where can I find the refreshments?

The Lemongrass Tea and Awa di Lamunchi drinks can be found at various restaurants and stores around the island.


  • Blue Garden
  • Burritos Restaurant
  • Donna & Giorgio
  • Fogon Latino
  • Hang Out Beach Bar
  • I Love Pasta
  • It Rains Fishes
  • Mi Banana
  • Ons Broodje
  • Pasa Bon Pizza
  • Pizzeria el Punto
  • Lekker Thuis
  • Stoked Food Truck
  • Tecno Restaurant
  • Yannis Bar
  • Yhanni’s Arepas
  • Nona Manis
  • Yeismi Bakery
  • Social Café
  • Tukisan
  • Cest La Vie


  • Candy Candy
  • Caribe Nobo
  • Carmen Minimarket
  • Famia Mart
  • Fruteria Union
  • Good and More
  • Kadushi Supermarket
  • Lian Xiang Supermarket
  • Lin Coin
  • New World Supermarket
  • Sunshine
  • Top
  • Tukisan BV Minimarket
  • Wing Cheung
  • Jia Xing Kaya Korona
  • Jia Xing Nikiboko
  • Union Market
  • Van Den Tweel
  • Lisa Convenvience Store


  • Bon Bida

Delivery options

Did you know they also deliver? Contact them directly for delivery options. While their drinks are located in various restaurants and stores, the Bonairian Spiced Cookies and Avocado Spearmint Bread are currently available for delivery only.

Try Betta Grasse products today

By using fresh, locally grown ingredients in their products, Betta Grasse not only ensures delicious taste but also promotes environmental consciousness. With their carefully crafted Lemongrass Tea and Awa di Lamunchi options, each beverage embodies the essence of wellness and flavor. Whether you’re seeking a refreshing pick-me-up, Betta Grasse refreshing drinks can be conveniently found at various restaurants and stores across the island, ensuring that the taste of Bonaire’s paradise is always within reach.

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