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Sharking Daily Featured at MoltenWolf Glass’s POP-UP ART Gallery

by | Apr 2, 2024 | Art, Events, Shopping

Visit Shaking Daily's POP-UP Art Gallery at MoltenWolf Glass

MoltenWolf Glass hosts its 2nd POP-UP ART Gallery of 2024.

Mark your calendars! On Saturday, April 6th, art lovers on Bonaire are in for an exciting POP-UP Art Gallery hosted by MoltenWolf Glass. This exclusive event will feature the remarkable works of Sharking Daily Illustrator Rosaly Van Dansik. She will be taking over a portion of the store to exhibit and offer her captivating creations for sale all day long.

About Sharking Daily Illustrator Rosaly Van Dansik

Rosaly van Dansik, a Dutch painter and illustrator currently residing on Bonaire, is on a mission to reshape perceptions of sharks through her artwork. As the creative force behind Sharking Daily, Rosaly channels her passion for the ocean and conservation into charming illustrations that challenge the negative stereotypes often associated with these predators.

Whale shark tote bag

Her journey began with a series of remarkable encounters with sharks, which left a lasting impression on her. Determined to share her positive experiences and combat the unrealistic fear-based imagery prevalent in media, van Dansik embarked on a mission to depict sharks in a more favorable light.

Beyond her focus on sharks, Rosaly also shines a spotlight on other marine creatures, such as trunkfish. Purposefully selecting animals that may not receive as much attention as popular favorites like turtles, she aims to give these lesser-known species the recognition they deserve.

Sharking Daily painting by Rosaly van Dansik
paintings by Shaking Daily

POP-UP ART Gallery for one day only.

Visitors to MoltenWolf Glass on April 6th will have the chance to view and purchase Rosaly’s unique creations. She will be selling paintings, T-shirts, hand printed tote bags, postcards, stickers, and more! The POP-UP ART Gallery that lasts one day – and one day only – will be open from 9:30 am to 5:30 pm at MoltenWolf Glass, located at Terramar 8, Playa, Kralendijk.

(Source: MoltenWolf Glass)

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