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Hurricane Season 2023 Has Begun

by | Jun 20, 2023 | Local News, Nature

Hurricane Season 2023

Stay informed during the 2023 season.

While Bonaire is situated outside of the Hurricane Belt and is typically spared, it’s not 100% guaranteed. Hurricane season 2023 already has two named storms and it’s just the beginning. The season began in June and runs through November 30, 2023.

Currently, we are watching Tropical Storm Bret as it will pass north of us later this week. There is still a lot of uncertainty, so changes are possible. As it enters the Caribbean, it may gradually weaken due to higher wind shear and drier air.

Last year, we had a couple of close calls where a tropical storm passed just north of us as well and later formed into a hurricane. It’s best to be aware that it’s always a possibility and know what to do in the event of a tropical storm or hurricane. We also experienced extreme rainfall in November 2022. During that time, residents showed solidarity and helped each other. This season, the Lieutenant Governor wants everyone to show the same solidarity in preparation for possible storms by helping those who are unable to help themselves. You can easily help others by cleaning up the garden, making the house hurricane-proof, or collecting groceries for the emergency kit.

Tips and information to prepare yourself.

The Public Entity Bonaire provides the necessary information and tips on www.bonairecrisis.com to prepare yourself for a tropical storm or hurricane. This website tells you what you can do before, during, and after a tropical storm or hurricane. The website also shares what OLB’s role is during this time. There is also an emergency number that you can call and a link to the ‘Disasterprep Bonaire’ app via the App Store and Google Play.

Download the ‘Disasterprep Bonaire’ and find out how you can prepare for various disasters. Information on the app is available in English, Papiamentu, and Dutch. If necessary, the OLB can send important messages to all via the app users. Being aware of tips and actions you can take in advance can help you to prepare for a hurricane.

OLB has a disaster response team preparing for a crisis or disaster. The disaster response team corresponds with various organizations regarding what needs to be done during all stages of a possible hurricane or tropical storm. They work closely with the police, firefighters, doctors, and public health services. The OLB also provides care for people who are no longer safe in their own homes.

(Source: OLB)

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