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STINAPA Has Been Busy with Various Projects

by | Dec 8, 2023 | Local News, Nature

STINAPA projects in 2023

STINAPA hosts the Festival di Planta Palu.

In November, the eagerly awaited “Festival di Planta Palu” Tree Planting Festival took place in Washington Slagbaai Park, creating a week-long celebration from the 20th to the 24th. This annual event, a highlight for 250 elementary school students, allowed each child to plant their own tree and plant a love for nature. At the park’s entrance, 300 local plants and trees were planted, courtesy of Tera Barra’s generous donation. The “Festival di Planta Palu” not only beautifies the landscape but also cultivates a sense of environmental responsibility, leaving a lasting impact on both the park and the community from a young age.


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Coral Bleaching lowers

Great news from Bonaire! According to NOAA, we’ve shifted from alert level 2 to watch. Meaning our corals will start to get their groove back as the water cools down. They’ve been through it from September to December with a serious thermal event, one of the worst we’ve seen. Surprisingly, we’ve had very little coral loss. Now, the corals are re-browning, getting back their colors. In the next few weeks, we’re expecting the vibrant shades to start returning. Stay tuned for more updates.

Hero in disguise, Chief Ranger Edwin “Din” Domacasse

STINAPA proudly acknowledges Chief Ranger Edwin “Din” Domacasse’s outstanding commitment during a 6-day rescue mission to protect Bonaire’s fragile marine environments. Upon notification of a grounded fishing boat, Din was the first on-site, coordinating the safe evacuation of fishermen and assessing the situation. Despite challenges, he took the initiative in containing fuel leaks and enlisted local fishermen’s help. Despite rough conditions, he led efforts to remove the boat from the reef, successfully towing it into Sorobon on November 20th. Special thanks to the Harbor Office, Piskabon, fishermen, and volunteers for their support. Bonaire thanks you, Din, for your dedication and leadership in avoiding what could have been a serious ecological disaster. Bonaire is grateful!

Research Reconstruction on Climate Vegetation

Researcher in Paleoecology and Climatology, Kees Nooren is in Bonaire along with two other researchers to study water quality and analyze lake sediments to reconstruct past environments. Their research aims to understand past vegetation, climate variability, and human adaptation in the insular Caribbean to address climate challenges. They’ve identified ‘Saliña Bartol’ on Bonaire as a key site for reconstructing vegetation and climate over the past 2000 – 3000 years. Short sediment cores from 2022 reveal changes over the last 200 – 300 years, and ongoing work is focused on recovering two long sediment cores, potentially reaching back to pre-human settlement.


(Source: STINAPA)

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