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The Spirit of Bonaire, Connecting People Through Music

by | Sep 4, 2018 | Music & Performances

The Spirit of Bonaire is a new pop song dedicated to the island of Bonaire.,

The Spirit of Bonaire music and lyrics bring visitors and residents together united in the shared love for Bonaire!

Last Friday evening, some exciting new Bonaire music was launched, clearly exhibiting The Spirit of Bonaire.  The music video highlights favorite activities for everyone when on Bonaire while providing an upbeat, catchy song which gets your toes and shoulders moving.  Let’s dance!

What’s even better is that this new single is for charity, with all proceeds being donated to the youth of Bonaire via the Bonaire Youth Outreach Foundation (BYOF).

The Blue Island Collective

Initiator Eric Geitman, from Cadushy Distillery, opened the launch ceremony explaining that the group’s name, Blue Island Collective, supports Bonaire’s efforts to be the world’s first Blue Destination, promising sustainable development for the island.

“Being a Blue Destination is not only about protecting the environment but also about giving opportunities to the people. To us, the spirit of Bonaire means living peacefully together, respecting each other’s backgrounds, and helping each other where you can.” – Eric Geitman

There are some well-known personalities working within the Blue Island Collective, in addition to “Mr. Cadushy,” record producer Michiel “DJ Shrek” van Bokhorst and singer-songwriter Harry Schoffelen (better known as TAFKAH-The Artist) were instrumental in creating this dedicated pop song for Bonaire.  Joining them were local and international musicians, each giving their best talent to this energetic salsa-style track with uplifting lyrics.  Bonairean drummer Gaby Mercera plays the Bonairean “wiri” and young but multi-talented Robert Felida takes care of diverse instruments such as bass guitar, pianos and, timbales and local rapper Gerald Martines wrote and performed an awesome signature Papiamentu rap-break.

How to get your very own copy of The Spirit of Bonaire.

The CD is now available in shops around Bonaire and also can be downloaded digitally on iTunes, Amazon, or Spotify.

(Source:  The Spirit of Bonaire)

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