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Introducing a New Concept: ‘Local Lunch’ at Blue Lagun Cafe

by | Nov 1, 2023 | Restaurants & Dining

Blue Lagun Cafe on Bonaire

Blue Lagun Cafe offers a ‘Local Lunch’ with a modern twist.

As of this week, Blue Lagun Cafe will be serving a new lunch concept called ‘Local Lunch.’ You may recall an article published a few months ago about two local chefs from the community raising funds for an inspirational culinary internship in Bulgaria. Well…they’re back on Bonaire and have already begun cooking up some fresh concepts! Chef Jeomar and Sweeti Pastry Chef, Elise, have taken their skills to the next level and are ready to present a weekly changing menu featuring the authentic flavors of Bonaire using locally sourced ingredients with a modern twist.

Given that the ‘Local Lunch’ concept kicked off yesterday, it provided the ideal occasion for my friend Tina and me to catch up. We had a lovely time while enjoying a three-course menu that included a  starter, a main dish, and a dessert.

The Starter

Tina and I opted for the Pampuna as our starter. This dish featured grilled pumpkin, a crisp salad topped with a light apple dressing, and goat cheese balls coated with roasted almonds. The combination of flavors from each element was truly delightful. We both love goat cheese, and the varied textures of the dish were truly impressive. Fun fact: Did you know that pumpkins can grow on Bonaire?


Our main dishes

For our main dish, we had three options. Tina opted for the Zucchini Pasta. It consisted of roasted zucchini topped with a basil pasta, and, of course, a generous sprinkling of cheese on top. She said it was absolutely delicious! It’s worth noting that the ‘Local Lunch’ menu consistently offers a vegetarian option for both the starter and the main course, which is a nice touch.

I opted for the Kabritu Stoba, a traditional goat stew, as my main dish. It’s a popular local dish here on Bonaire, enjoyed by many. The dish was beautifully presented with a bed of rice, garnished with toasted coconut flakes and peanuts, accompanied by a refreshing salad drizzled with a light apple dressing. The delicious goat strew consisted of flavorful, tender pieces of goat meat that had been slow-cooked with a variety of herbs and spices. This was only my second time having Kabritu Stoba, and it won’t be the last!

Zucchini Pasta
Kabritu Stoba

A sweet ending to the meal

I love tiramisu, but the thought of a different twist never crossed my mind! When one envisions tiramisu, it’s typically coffee and cream that come to mind. However, this version had not only coffee and cream but also pineapple that was roasted in local Rom Rincon, caramel, and coconut, which made it utterly delectable!

Tropical Tiramisu
I think it goes without saying that the new ‘Local Lunch’ concept at Blue Lagun Cafe should not be missed!

Blue Lagun Cafe now offers Free Parking

Blue Lagun is located at the Dabboussi Center, Avis, near the airport. As of this week, Blue Lagun Cafe will reimburse your airport parking expenses! You can opt to either park on the side of the road and take a brief stroll or utilize the short-term airport parking area. Just remember to present your parking ticket prior to paying, and it will be subtracted from your bill, allowing you to park for FREE in the short-term parking area!

About the ‘Local Lunch’ by Chef Jeomar & Chef Elise

The ‘Local Lunch’ will feature authentic flavors of Bonaire and will be a weekly changing lunch menu. It will consist of a starter, a main, and a lovely dessert. They are also implementing a no-waste policy, after learning about even more ways to use every part of the ingredients during their successful internship in Bulgaria.

You can enjoy the Local Lunch from Tuesday to Saturday between 12 PM- 3 PM for $27.50 per person. Of course, reservations are encouraged, especially if you prefer to dine in the air conditioning. For reservations, contact via phone at +599-701-1373 or email at bluelagun.bonaire@gmail.com.

(Source: Bonaire Insider)


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