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Defense Soldiers on Bonaire for Faster Approach to Oil Pollution

by | Mar 1, 2024 | Local News

oil pollution is being cleaned up on Bonaire's East Coast

Cleanup of oil pollution continues on Bonaire

A group of approximately 15 Defense soldiers are currently on Bonaire to speed up the oil pollution cleanup. The soldiers began assisting on Thursday to clean up the areas near Foodies and Lagun, followed by Punto Kalbas and Mar Cultura.

“We are happy with the help, so the oil pollution can be tackled even faster. Bonaire already had enough capacity to clean up the oil residues. In recent days, many groups have offered help to clean. We would like to thank all these groups for their supply and availability,” says Acting Governor Oleana.

Oleana also mentioned that the oil pollution situation appears to be manageable, but it’s premature to celebrate just yet. It remains to be seen what happens in the coming days. The oil at Sorobon has been cleaned up, but it is still too early to open Sorobon fully. First, it needs to be established whether the current situation will remain unchanged. The advisory remains in place, advising against water activities such as swimming, fishing, diving, or kayaking in areas affected by oil contamination on the East Coast. It’s imperative to confirm that the presence of oil particles in the water poses no threat to health before proceeding.


Please note: The West Coast is NOT affected. The West Coast is where 99% of the scuba diving and snorkeling sites are located. Additionally, volunteers are not needed during this time.


Why Lac / Sorobon was chosen as the first clean up site.

When cleaning up the oil residues, the Lac/Sorobon area was chosen first to clean. This recreational area is very popular with local people, fishermen, tourists and entrepreneurs who have a business there. In addition, the mangroves in the area are an important environmental factor. For cleaning at Lagun heavy equipment is used.

Harbormaster Günther Flanegin stated during the press conference that oil has also flowed into Onima. The area between Willemstoren and Cargill is clean. The Harbormaster and his team continue to monitor the situation.

STINAPA plans to conduct research

Nature organization, STINAPA coordinates the cleaning of the polluted areas.It is not yet clear what the oil spill’s effects will be on the environment. STINAPA can only conduct research after the contaminated areas have been cleaned to investigate possible damage to nature.

(Source: OLB)

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