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Seven Exceptional People Receive a Royal Decoration

by | May 1, 2023 | Local News, People

Seven people from Bonaire received a Royal Decoration.

Seven people from Bonaire have received a Royal Decoration.

Receiving a Royal Decoration is a token of gratitude to a person who has committed himself to the well-being of other citizens, to his neighborhood, to his culture, to nature and animals, to social groups, or to one or more organizations that needed or have an extra push to keep going. The efforts and commitments are appreciated with a Royal Decoration that is awarded every year on the birthday of His Majesty King Willem Alexander.

Lieutenant Governor Nolly Oleana personally addressed the people who received a Royal Decoration last Wednesday: “One by one you are the silent force that act as fuel and catalyst in our social developments. Without your commitment, willpower and a good dose of perseverance, Bonaire would look different.”

The persons who received an award are:

  • Glenn Albertina for his commitment to sports.
  • Richenel Anthony, a talented musician active in various music groups. You may have even seen him at Carib Inn over the past 35 years.
  • Daniel van Arneman who shares his musical experience in free lessons with boys and adults.
  • Elsmarie Beukenboom for her dedication to environmental stewardship and reforestation of Klein Bonaire.
  • Adriaan Lepelaars, a passionate football fan.
  • Arthur Sealy, a valued teacher and radio presenter.
  • Jan Hendrik van der Wier who does a lot of work within the community of Real Rincon.


The Order of Orange Nassau awards are divided into various classes. Of those classes, the seven people from Bonaire received two types of awards.

Member of the Order of Orange Nassau

This award is typically given to those who have volunteered at a local level.

  • Glen Marcy Albertina
  • Richinel Antonio Anthony
  • Daniel Lucas van Arneman
  • Adriaan Dominico Giovanni Lepelaars

Knight in the Order of Orange Nassau

This award is typically given to those who have rendered meritorious service of regional or even national importance.

  • Corry Elsmarie Frederika Beukenboom
  • Ewart Arthur Sealy
  • Jan Hendrik van der wier


The Commission for Royal Honors appeals to society to inform them about people who make a valuable contribution to our Dushi Bonaire. They deserve an award for their indispensable work for society.

(Source: OLB, royalhonoursanddecorations.nl/)

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