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1,000th Sabal Palm Tree planted on Klein Bonaire!

by | Feb 9, 2023 | Local News, Nature, People

Klein Bonaire Reforestation Project

The 1,000th Sabal Palm Tree has been planted on Klein Bonaire!

Two and a half years ago, STINAPA began the Klein Bonaire Reforestation Project with Elsmarie Beukenboom to restore the endemic Sabal Palm Tree in Bonaire. Before starting the project, only 25 adult Sabal Palm Trees were on the main island of Bonaire. Because of the tree’s critical condition of being in danger of going extinct and the fact that it’s a tree endemic to Bonaire, Elsmarie approached STINAPA to begin this important nature project.

Volunteers helped make the project a success.

Over the last few years, many passionate volunteers have helped with this project, including the STINAPA Marine Park Rangers, locals, visitors, Mangrove Maniacs, and even the Dutch Army! Volunteers helped by digging holes on Klein Bonaire to facilitate the process of planting the goal of 1,000 sabal palm seedlings during rainy seasons.

Of course, the seedlings planted over the past two and a half years need constant monitoring and watering to survive. This was especially important during the dry season! Volunteers and STINAPA made numerous weekly trips with water bottles so the plants could stand a chance at survival.

Thank you for protecting nature.

Elsmarie has always advocated for the protection of endemic species on Bonaire. Not only is she a conservationist and an advocate, but she is also a knowledgeable local guide specializing in nature, culture, and is a local birding expert on Bonaire. Thank you to Elsmarie for leading this successful project with the help of STINAPA Marine Park Rangers and over 590 volunteers who are passionate about nature!


(Source: STINAPA)

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