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Rom Rincón Nominated for Best Caribbean Rum-Cast Your Daily Vote!

by | Dec 4, 2023 | Local News

The Cadushy Distillery Team with Rom Rincón

Let’s vote for Rom Rincón in the “Best Caribbean Rum” contest!

The Cadushy Distillery, situated in the heart of Rincón, proudly announces its nomination for the prestigious title of “Best Caribbean Rum” in the 10Best.com contest hosted by USA Today.

Known for its dedication to the craft, the distillery’s flagship product, Rom Rincón, is a true testament to the passion and tradition of Bonaire Culture and Heritage. As the 10Best.com contest kicks off on December 4th and runs until January 1st, 2024, The Cadushy Distillery calls on its supporters, rum enthusiasts, and lovers of craftsmanship to join us in this exciting journey. Cast your vote for The Cadushy Distillery and help us secure the title of “Best Caribbean Rum”!

In the picture, the skilled staff stands proudly in front of the still, where the alchemy happens. Each bottle of Rom Rincón tells a story of passion and tradition. Let’s toast to the artisans who make it all possible. Cheers to passion, dedication, and The Spirit of Bonaire!

How to Vote Daily

  • Visit www.rumvote.com starting December 4, 2023 until January 1, 2024
  • Cast your vote and share the love for Rom Rincón.
  • You can VOTE DAILY ON EVERY DEVICE you have!
QR code to Cadushy Distillery Voting page

Your support means the world to The Cadushy Distillery, and together, we can make Rom Rincón the Best Caribbean Rum!

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