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First-Ever Pride Bonaire Event 2023

by | May 22, 2023 | Events, Local News

Pride Bonaire 2023

Pride Bonaire 2023 takes place for the first time in June!

The first-ever Pride event will take place June 22 – 25, 2023! EQ Bonaire, a nonprofit organization, strives to improve the understanding that the LGBTQI+ family has been and will always be part of the island community.

The purpose of Pride.

Pride Bonaire is intended to be an event for everybody on the island. In fact, the campaign slogan chosen to represent the community is “Nos T’ei, Nos T’ei” which translates into “We are here.” The purpose of Pride is not only to have fun but also to spread knowledge about history through cultural events and present stories of the island concerning the LGBTQI+ community.

Over the past couple of months, volunteers have been busy preparing for the event which includes creating pride packages and organizing a variety of events that will take place in June. The pride packages are being sold as a fundraiser and contain rainbow-colored items to help local businesses decorate their window display and promote the event. So far, local businesses are responding very positively and are supporting the event.

EQ Bonaire is also finalizing the schedule of events which includes educational events, get-togethers, and parties. Here is what I can share with you so far:

  • Wednesday, June 21st – The event starts with a Healthcare Conference at Plaza Hotel
  • Thursday, June 22nd – An opening of the Art Exposition “Nos t’ei, Bo t’ei” at Kas di Arte Sobremesa.
  • Friday night, June 23rd – Pride-themed Pub Quiz at Hillside, doors open at 7:30 PM and starts at 8 PM.
  • Saturday night, June 24th – A “Selebrá” party at Happy’s from 8 PM – 1 AM – $5 cash only.
  • Sunday, June 25th – The last event will be at The Bonairian: “Zuèmbruk Chillings” at the Bonairian from 1 PM – 6 PM

The Pride logo.

EQ Bonaire is very proud of their Pride logo. The logo was carefully designed and consists of a beautiful and colorful flamingo.It will surely catch the attention of many visitors and residents around the island. Keep an eye out for unique merchandise available during Pride on their Facebook page!

About EQ Bonaire.

EQ Bonaire is a small nonprofit organization. If you would like to volunteer or offer products at the event, please contact them directly at info@pridebonaire.com. EQ Bonaire hopes to make the first-ever Pride Bonaire an unforgettable, fun, and exciting experience for everyone.

(Source: EQ Bonaire)



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