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Expect Full Property Disclosure with Bonaire Real Estate Group

by | Feb 26, 2024 | Real Estate

Bonaire Real Estate Group team

You can Trust Bonaire Real Estate Group to provide Full Disclosure.

As a first-time buyer of real estate in Bonaire, it can be stressful as you enter the unknown of an international purchase. Therefore, it is important to select a broker who will guide you through
the purchase process with ethics and integrity. Bonaire Real Estate Group has chosen to seamlessly integrate a full disclosure policy into all transactions, ensuring that every buyer has all the relevant details required to make an informed decision. The owner of Bonaire Real Estate Group, Stacy Olson, was a licensed agent in Colorado, USA, prior to living on Bonaire full time, which is reflected in the mission, vision and values of the company. And, ultimately, it is why Bonaire Real Estate Group is a trusted name in real estate on the island.


Disclosures Provided by Bonaire Real Estate Group To Buyers:

  • Agent Licensing Disclosure – Unfortunately, there is not a licensing requirement for agents on Bonaire. Therefore, there is no official “Bonaire Real Estate License.” However, the owner of Bonaire Real Estate Group, has been licensed as a real estate broker in Colorado since 2014, and has been serving clients on Bonaire with real estate transactions since 2020. This experience and knowledge has been mentored to her multi-cultural team of agents who serve clients with the same high quality and integrity.
  • Zoning Disclosure – Very few areas in Bonaire allow for short-term rentals, according to the Zoning plan of 2010, and with recent enforcement by the governing authorities, you can count on Bonaire Real Estate Group (BREG) to fully disclose the zoning, so you have no doubt of the legal use of the property.
  • Rental History Disclosure – When purchasing investment property, the future success of the property relies on the owner (and their property manager). However, the historical data is helpful in making a fully informed decision. When working with BREG, you can expect to receive an average nightly rate, occupancy rate, and average utility costs to help forecast your Return on Investment potential.
  • Property Disclosure – BREG always discloses the materially relevant details (positive or negative) about the property in advance so you can determine if it meets your requirements. This includes, but is not limited to: easements, building plans, permits, recent repairs, or active issues that may not be repaired prior to the sale. Example: an active roof leak that the seller can’t afford to repair.
  • HOA Disclosure –  If the property is located within a Homeowners Association, BREG will provide the following to all buyers, in advance of making an offer: community rules, recent owners meeting minutes, monthly/annual fees and any other relevant details about the HOA.
  • Agency Relationship Disclosure – Who is representing who? Are you being represented or is the Seller being represented by the agent you are talking to? How do you know? In Bonaire, there is no requirement to disclose this. At BREG, you can be certain that you will always know the answer to this question so you can proceed with full transparency. BREG even offers to provide a no-obligation virtual meeting, “ Buyer Bootcamp,” to anyone who may be considering a purchase.
  • Buyer Cost/Transaction Cost Disclosure – When purchasing property, it is very important to know the total transaction cost so that there are no unexpected surprises between accepted offer and closing. Therefore, BREG will provide all buyers a full cost breakdown prior to making an offer. This cost breakdown includes but is not limited to:taxes, buyers fees, notary fees, inspection costs, real estate commissions, etc.


Contact Bonaire Real Estate Group

The information provided in this article is just some of the services that Bonaire Real Estate Group offers. If you are interested in learning more about purchasing a property (or selling), reach out to schedule a virtual or in-person meeting. The team will be happy to help you navigate the real estate market with ease.

(Source: Bonaire Real Estate Group)

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