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Bonaire’s Poached Parrots Safe & Sound at Echo

by | Aug 17, 2020 | Birding, Nature

A young poached parrot chick, saved and brought to Echo Foundation, is fed.

Two of Bonaire’s parrots poached.

The chicks were taken from their nest in the wild.

The Yellow-shouldered Amazon Parrot is a protected species on Bonaire. Recently, when customs officers were conducting a routine inspection on a boat, they were shocked and surprised to find two very scared, one-month-old parrots chicks aboard the vessel. It was clear the two chicks had been poached from wild nests, as they were still unable to fly.  Since they were still dependant on their mother, the chicks were in a bad way and needed immediate care.

The confiscated chicks were brought to Echo Foundation.

The chicks were confiscated and brought to Echo Conservation Centre’s facilities at Dos Pos in the northern dry forest area of Bonaire.  Their dedicated team got straight to work, checking the chicks for injuries and providing them with warmth and food. Unfortunately, due to their poor treatment, one of the chicks had already lost a toe, thankfully no other serious injuries were found to either of the chicks. Because they are still so young, the Echo team will have to continue to rear them until they are ready to be returned to the wild, where they belong.

Despite Echo’s past efforts which made incredible steps in tackling parrot poaching over the past decade, it is clear that there is still a need to care and protect these beautiful parrots before they can be truly safe.

Two Bonaire poached parrots are saved.

(Source:  Echo Foundation)


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