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Bonaire Relaxes COVID-19 Measures as Active Cases Fall

by | Feb 4, 2022 | COVID, Tourism Announcements

Edison Rijna, the Lt. Governor of Bonaire

As the numbers continue to fall, Bonaire relaxes the COVID-19 measures.

Recently, Bonaire has seen a drop in daily infections and hospital admissions. Today, some of the COVID-19 measures have been relaxed for the next two weeks.


Below is a transcript of the latest press release.

​The COVID-19 measures are being relaxed now that the number of infections has fallen and hospital admissions have decreased. The relaxation will apply from February 4 to February 18, 2022. During this period, it will remain mandatory to wear a face mask in public areas, and the rule to keep 1.5 meters away is still in force.


A maximum of 25 people can now attend private meetings, regardless of how many households are involved. Funerals and weddings are allowed to have a maximum of 50 people. It is possible to exercise indoors, and sports events are allowed outside with an audience of 75% capacity. The basic rules remain in force for schools and the daycare of the elderly.


Outdoor events are allowed with a max of 50 people, using 50% of the space’s capacity. Singing and dancing are not allowed. Guests must have a fixed seat. During this period, indoor events are not allowed. The advice to churches is to hold masses and services digitally or use no more than 50% of the capacity. When attending a mass or service in a building, churchgoers are advised not to sing.


Restaurants and cafes are allowed to stay open until midnight. Restaurant guests must have a fixed seat and cannot dance or sing. The relaxation also applies to restaurants and cafes at hotels. Casinos and cinemas are allowed to be open until midnight and are allowed to use 50% of the capacity. Sex establishments are allowed to open again. These establishments have rules to protect the safety of their visitors and staff. Saunas may use 50% of their capacity.


For contact professions, it is mandatory to wear a face mask during work. Employers are urged to let their staff work from home as much as possible from February 4 to February 18, 2022. It is also urgently advised to air out the workplaces or places where people gather regularly.


Do you have any complaints? Take a self-test or call 0800 0800 to make a test appointment. Is the test result of your self-test positive? Then have yourself tested again at Public Health to confirm whether you have COVID-19. You should always wait for the result of the test at home.

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