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Betta Grasse Offers New Healthy Beverages on Bonaire

by | Apr 11, 2023 | Shopping

Have you tasted the new healthy beverages on Bonaire yet?

If you have visited Bonaire in the past, you know how easy it is to get dehydrated. While the water on Bonaire is fantastic and safe to drink, sometimes you just want something with a little taste. There are plenty of unhealthy options but choosing a healthy, hydrating drink is the best choice.

Betta Grasse is a new company on Bonaire that sells healthy and refreshing Lemongrass Tea and Awa di Lamunchi. The drinks combine a delicious flavor with nutritious ingredients for an immunity boost. Not only do the drinks taste great, but the natural ingredients and the low-calorie content are perfect for someone wanting to consume healthier products.

Two varieties of Lemongrass Tea

Lemongrass Tea has a clean, crisp taste with zero calories. You can’t beat that! It also gives you a healthy dose of vitamins and is a natural remedy for several ailments.

Lemongrass Tea with Panela offers a slight, sweet taste with only 17 calories a bottle. Similar to the original recipe, it also provides you with vitamins and acts as a natural remedy for various ailments.

Two varieties of Awa di Lamunchi

Awa di Lamunchi, a lemonade beverage, is refreshing and flavorful, with 190 calories in the bottle. The fresh ingredients provide a plethora of vitamins and several health benefits.

Awa di Lamunchi with Panela has fewer calories and a tart/sweet taste. For one bottle, it is only 37 calories, a drastic decrease from the original recipe. Thanks to the fresh ingredients, it also provides you with various vitamins and many health benefits.

Where can you find Betta Grasse products?

The Lemongrass Teas and Awa di Lamunchi drinks are available in several supermarkets and restaurants.


  • Karel’s Beach Bar
  • Donna & Geogio’s
  • Pasa Bon Pizza


  • Top Supermarket
  • Lucky’s Supermarket
  • Jia Xing Supermarket
  • Candy Candy Supermarket on Kaya Korona
  • Rincon City Supermarket

Delivery Options

They also deliver! For any order over $30, they will deliver the order to your home, business, or rental accommodation. Simply send a message on WhatsApp to place your order. They also bake mouth-watering Bonairean Spice Cookies and Avocado Spearmint Bread. The food items are currently available by pre-order only.

About Betta Grasse

Donna Swenson and Mark Roswell are the brains behind the business. Originally from the US, Donna has been living on Bonaire for 22 years with a background in Microbiology. Mark Roswell, from Bonaire, is a plant enthusiast with a vast amount of knowledge about plants that grow on Bonaire.

A few years ago, Mark approached Donna with his idea of Lemongrass Tea. Since both are interested in a healthy lifestyle, it was a no-brainer to start producing healthy beverages for the people on Bonaire. Mark immediately started growing lemongrass plants and now has over 200 plants and counting! Over time, they perfected their Lemongrass Tea and Awa di Lamunchi recipes. Awa di Lamunchi is a popular, local drink on the island, so it made sense to create their own recipe to share with others.

Try the healthy beverages today.

Do you want to purchase for yourself or a gathering? Do you want to stock up during your vacation on Bonaire to support a local business while staying hydrated? Stop at one of the supermarkets listed above or order via WhatsApp for delivery.  Find out additional details about the products and contact info by visiting their facebook page. Your body will thank you!

(Source: Betta Grasse)

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