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Alexey Molchanov Sets New Freediving World Record

by | Mar 30, 2023 | Events, Freediving, Local News, Watersports

Alexey Molchanov sets new World Freediving Record of -156 meters on Bonaire!

Bonaire proves to be a world-class freediving destination with record-breaking results.

Bonaire has established itself as a world-class freediving destination after hosting BonAbyss 2023, an international event that featured Alexey Molchanov, the top freediving athlete in the world, and other freediving athletes from different countries.

The event, organized by the Blue Classroom Freediving Center from March 24th to 28th, was a massive success, with multiple World and National Records broken. The highlight of the event was undoubtedly Alexey Molchanov’s incredible display of human endurance and determination. On Saturday, March 25th, he broke the Variable Weight (VWT) World Record by descending to a depth of -153 meters (-501 feet). Just two days later, on Tuesday, March 28th, Alexey Molchanov surpassed his record, diving to an even more impressive depth of -156 meters (-511 feet) within 4 minutes and 27 seconds!

Alexey Molchanov in actions as he sets new World Freediving Record of -156 meters on Bonaire!

“It’s basically just exploring a new discipline which I’ve never done before,” said Molchanov of his record-breaking dive. “I’m really happy with how it was. It was a challenge, much bigger pressure than I’m used to, and the body position was a challenge as well. And now it’s going to be a season of other disciplines, it’s tradition to me.”

Additional National Records

Other freediving athletes also achieved notable results during the event. Eric Van Riet Paap set a new Variable Weight (VWT) National Record for the Netherlands with a dive of -93 meters (-305 feet), while Brandon Best set a new VWT National Record for the USA with a dive of -52 meters (-170 feet). Petra Oberucova from Slovakia accomplished her first competitive experience ever, setting a new VWT National Record for her country by diving to a depth of -43 meters (-141 feet).

“The success of the event and the athlete’s record-breaking dives highlight the incredible capabilities of the human body and the power of dedication and perseverance,” said Carlos Coste of Blue Classroom Freediving Center. “We are thrilled to have hosted such an amazing event and extend our deepest gratitude to all those who offered their time, dedication, and expertise to ensure the athletes’ safety during their record attempts.”

The organizers are already looking forward to BonAbyss2024 and are excited to welcome the world’s top freediving athletes to the stunning underwater environment of Bonaire.

(Source: Blue Classroom)

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Tanya Deen has been living in Bonaire since December 2016. She is a PADI Master Scuba Diver Instructor and enjoys underwater and bird photography. Tanya is the Editor-in-Chief of the Bonaire Insider tourism news blog.
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