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Phase 4 of COVID-19 Regulations for Bonaire

by | Jan 8, 2021 | COVID, Government, Local News

Lt. Governor, Edison Rijna

Phase 4 of COVID-19 regulations to begin January 9, 2021.

Bonaire’s Lt. Governor, Edison Rijna, addressed the people of Bonaire this evening in regard to the increase of the number of active COVID-19 infections, which reached 100 today.

In his declaration, Lt. Governor Rijna informed the public that additional restrictions (Phase 4 of COVID-19 regulations) would be in place starting Saturday, January 9, 2021.  These measures are necessary to avoid people gathering in large numbers, so as to avoid the spread of the coronavirus.

Two main clusters remain active, from a recent church service and a holiday party.  A third cluster, from a local snack, has also become active.  Investigations are ongoing to trace contacts, but with the burgeoning number of cases, it is becoming more difficult.  It is expected for the number of active cases to rise still more in the coming days.

Additionally, starting tomorrow, police will act against those who are not complying.  There will not be any more warnings, instead, penalties will be assessed immediately for those not complying with the phase 4 COVID regulations as shown in the graph below.

What happens during Phase 4 of COVID-19 regulations?

Phase 4 COVID-19 regulations for Bonaire.

From tomorrow, Saturday January 9, 2021, it is allowed for people from a maximum of two households to gather in private at home or in a public space.

At professional events, 50% of the space may be used and a maximum of 25 people may be present. For a professional event, one must apply for and obtain a permit in advance. It must be registered who is present and it is not allowed to dance or sing.

In catering establishments, a maximum of 4 people is allowed at each table, children under 13 years old are not included. The venues must use 50% of their capacity, visitors are seated at a fixed location and the facility must be closed at 10 pm.

Shops may remain open, a maximum of two people per household may do their shopping.

It is possible to attend Mass or hold services. The urgent advice is to use 50% of the capacity, and everyone should be 5 feet apart. Since people at a church have become infected with the virus, all churches are urged not to sing during the service or mass. The urgent advice is also that everyone should go home immediately after mass or service.

Competitive sports are not allowed and everyone has to go home immediately after practicing their sport. Gyms can stay open, provided they adhere to the strict rules of the agreements made with them.

Everyone is urged to work from home as much as possible. Employees in a contact profession, such as hairdressers, nail technicians, and physiotherapists must wear a mouth mask.

Discos and bars will remain closed. Casinos, cinemas, and saunas can remain open. This is because in casinos, cinemas, and saunas there is not much mutual contact, such as when people who know each other get together at home. These occasions are allowed to admit 50% of the people who are normally allowed.

All schools and childcare will remain open. At school and in childcare, adults must keep 1.5 distances apart.

(Source:  OLB)


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