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Honorary Citizen of Bonaire: Nominate your candidate!

by | Jul 3, 2024 | Local News, People

Honorary Citizen Nominations

Nominate your candidate for the Honorary Citizen of Bonaire.

Do you know someone who you think deserves Honorary Citizenship from the government? Then nominate this person! The annual Honorary Citizenship is awarded on Bonaire Day. This is an opportunity to thank people for their commitment to society. Personal merits and achievements are important for our society.

Conditions for Honorary Citizenship

  • Special commitment to Bonaire: Honorary citizenship is awarded to persons who have made an exceptional, groundbreaking, and long-lasting commitment to Bonaire.
  • Influence on Bonaire: The performance must have an actual influence on the well-being, prosperity or fame of Bonaire. This can be in the field of government, social, sports, cultural, charitable, economic or scientific.
  • Residents and non-residents: Honorary citizenship can be granted to current and former residents of Bonaire, but also to non-residents who meet the conditions.

Criterion for the Honorary Citizen

  • Living on Bonaire for at least 10 years: The nominee must have lived at least 10 years without interruption on Bonaire
  • Age: The nominee must be over 45 years old.
  • Exemplary conduct: The nominee must have exemplary conduct.
  • Contribution to society: In addition to his work, the nominee must engage in activities that are good for society.
  • Evidence of impact: There must be evidence of the positive effects of these activities on society.
  • Not posthumous: The nominee must be living.

How do I nominate someone as an Honorary Citizen?

Would you like to nominate someone for honorary citizenship? Please complete the proposal form here. The completed form must be submitted via the website before August 1, 2024. Please state the person’s special merits or achievements on the form, including the duration.

Alternative Submission Method

If you cannot complete the form digitally, you can send your nomination to the department SKAL to the attention of Maria-guanela Rosinda-Sluis, Kaya Kachi Craane # 34, and deliver it to the counter of the SKAL department. Your nomination will be treated confidentially.

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