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Explore a Range of Weekly Classes with Zest for Life Yoga

by | Mar 26, 2024 | Fitness, Spas and Wellness

Zest for Lift Yoga on Bonaire

Zest for Life Yoga offers classes for all skill levels.

Immerse yourself in the tranquility of the Caribbean by joining a rejuvenating Yoga session during your vacation. Gwen, the owner of Zest for Life Yoga, hosts a range of weekly Yoga classes around the island, tailored for all skill levels from beginners to advanced. The latest addition to her list of classes is an exciting monthly Inversion Lab for all levels. Furthermore, personalized private Yoga sessions can be arranged at your villa or any location of your choosing for added convenience.

Weekly Yoga Class Schedule

Zest for Life Yoga’s weekly classes offer a variety of recurring Yoga classes at different locations around the island for your convenience. Whether you prefer an indoor class for the comfort of air conditioning or prefer to experience Yoga outdoors or at sunrise, there are plenty of options. Gwen’s classes can be found on the Weekly Events page.

Elevate Your Practice with Private Yoga Classes

Enhance your vacation experience by booking a private Yoga class tailored to your individual needs and preferences. Whether you’re seeking a personalized session to deepen your practice or simply craving some peaceful relaxation, indulging in a private Yoga session offers the ultimate opportunity for rejuvenation. With Zest for Life Yoga, you can escape the crowds and immerse yourself in a serene oasis, where your instructor, Gwen, will guide you through sequences and stretches designed specifically for you. Picture yourself practicing sun salutations on a secluded beach or finding balance under swaying palms as you unwind from the day’s adventures on Bonaire.

Monthly Inversion Lab

Are you familiar with Inversion Labs? Gwen loves to play upside down, so it’s no surprise that she recently added a monthly Inversion Lab to her schedule. This class is crafted to guide you through upside-down postures safely. Through a combination of play, technique, and curiosity, you will explore the world of hand balancing and inversions. All levels are welcome in this class, making it accessible even if you’re new to inversions.

During the Inversion Lab, you will be guided through step-by-step instructions on preparing your body for inversions and arm balances, proper alignment techniques, and variations to suit your individual level of practice. By practicing regularly, you can improve your core strength, increase blood flow to the brain, and enhance your overall sense of well-being.

The Inversion Lab is offered once a month, typically on the last Sunday of the month. Upcoming classes over the next few months are scheduled for March 24th, April 28th, and May 27th. Join in, have fun, and enrich your practice!

Fundraising events

Zest for Life Yoga is deeply committed to supporting the community through various fundraising initiatives around the island. This month, there is a Puppy Wellness event to raise funds for the animals on Bonaire. Additionally, a Private Yoga Lesson for up to three people is up for auction in the current Tera Barra auction. Of course, Gwen offers a chance to week free Yoga classes on a regular basis at the Dive Friends Bonaire clean-up dives.

Reserve your spot in advance.

Participating in Yoga classes ensures you can connect with your body, mind, and spirit while creating unforgettable memories during your vacation. Whether you prefer a group class, a private session, or want to play upside down in the Inversion Lab, just make sure you reserve your spot in advance with Zest for Life Yoga!

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