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Changes to the Visitor Entry Tax

by | Jul 1, 2024 | Air Travel, Local News

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Learn about the change to the Visitor Entry Tax

On July 1, 2024, the first three changes of the tourist tax will go into effect. These changes are being implemented on an accelerated basis so that the island children who do not live on the island can benefit from the low rate this summer holiday. More information about the required supporting documents can be found at https://bonairegov.com/inwoners/toeristentax .

All QR codes are valid for 1 month

The validity of a QR code has been extended to 1 month. This allows visitors to visit other destinations during the month without paying when entering Bonaire for a second time. In the past, the visitor entry tax had to be paid for each visit to Bonaire. This change will allow for island hopping.

Island children who do not live on Bonaire

Island children who do not live on Bonaire pay the low rate of $10 per person. The definition of island child can be found at IND. You can prove that you are an island child with a passport or birth certificate or with an NVT statement that can be requested online at IND. If this has been requested before departure to Bonaire, it can be done after receipt of the N/A statement and can request a refund of $65 from the paid Tourist tax upon entry. The statement can be made in person after 2 weeks, picked up at the IND on Bonaire.

Exemption for all Bonairean students studying abroad

This exemption already exists for all Bonairean students, who, according to the law BES student financing, receive an exemption statement by email every year in September. This exemption is now being extended to Bonairean students in the Netherlands and Foreign countries who have not received an exemption statement. The student must submit supporting documents to show they have been studying full-time for at least 1 year and counting and were not 30 years old when the studies began. In addition, the student must demonstrate that he or she is an island child or that at least one parent or guardian is present and a resident of Bonaire.

Manual checking of supporting documents at the airport

Deputy Clark Abraham indicates that he is very happy that the changes take effect on July 1, 2024, so the island’s children can start this summer holiday and qualify for the low rate. “Everything has been done to make this possible. As a result, the changes are recognized in the system, but uploading the required supporting documents in advance may not be possible. These are now checked manually at the airport or in the port for the time being. This may cause some delays, but we thank everyone for understanding.”

More information about the Visitor Entry Tax

Remember, you can pay for the QR code from 7 days before departure at https://tourismtax.bonairegov.com/. Please always use the official site, as there are reseller sites that charge more than the official $75 per person visitor entry tax. Also, remember that an identity document will be issued, and the QR code will be checked to see whether it is in the visitor’s name.

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