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Bonaire’s First Annual Yoga & Wellness Festival 2023

by | Apr 14, 2023 | Activities, Events, Spas and Wellness

Bonaire Yoga and Wellness Week

Get ready for a week of Yoga retreats and wellness.

Bonaire will be hosting its first Annual Yoga & Wellness Week in partnership with the Bindu Yoga & Healing Center from June 1925, 2023.The week-long festival will consist of Yoga retreats, wellness, and rejuvenation packages to help guests enhance their overall spiritual experience.

Choose from different types of Yoga Retreats.

The Ashtanga Yoga Retreat will be held by world-renowned teacher and influencer, Laruga Glaser and will focus on the specifics of the Ashtanga Primary series. Throughout the course of this retreat, Laruga will help yogis dive deeper into the foundations of the Ashtanga Yoga practice and the Yoga philosophy.

The Gentle Healing Yoga Retreat in partnership with Flowmingo Studio will focus on the chakras (energy centers) to release emotional blockages in the body. Participants will use different healing modalities during the classes and workshops to better understand themselves and enhance the connection with their body and mind.

The available wellness and rejuvenation packages offer guests experiences from hypotherapy and rebalancing your chakras to beautifying rituals and gemstone massages. Whether guests want to heal their inner child, reconnect with their sense of adventure, or want to balance the mind, body, and soul, the island wellness partners have created an array of transformative experiences to cater to everyone’s needs.

“We are excited to host our first annual Yoga & Wellness festival this summer and introduce visitors to the ultimate wellness experience,” said Miles Mercera, CEO of TCB. “Bonaire’s untouched nature paired with our efforts to encourage sustainable travel with a focus on reconnecting with not only the Earth, but ourselves has played a major role in the curation of this event. The wellness week aims to bring yogis and those simply looking to enhance their spiritual experience together while offering unique opportunities for rejuvenation and enlightenment.”

Yoga Festival at Te Amo Beach on June 25th.

To complete this wellness experience, the island will host a Yoga Festival on Sunday, June 25th at Te Amo Beach where visitors can enjoy a full day of various entertaining and educational classes, workshops, lectures, and enlightening experiences. There will also be various food trucks and stalls stocked with healthy conscious foods, an exotic lifestyle market, and ecstatic dance beats to celebrate the week of spiritual enlightenment on the sand.

While there are numerous opportunities during the Yoga Festival at Te Amo Beach, be sure to attend the presentation by Betta Grasse and the two workshops by Gwen Versteegh with Zest for Life Yoga. Additional details about the presentation and workshops are below.

Betta Grasse presentation and products.

Betta Grasse, a new local business offering healthy beverages, will be giving a presentation on “Enriching Your Health” on June 25th at 10 AM. The presentation will provide information on how to maintain optimum health through nutrition, exercise and skin maintenance. You will also learn how to compare foods for optimum nutrition, not just calories, achieve and maintain healthy skin, maintain a strong immune system, and treat health issues naturally.

Stop by their booth throughout the day where they will be selling their healthy beverages of Lemongrass Tea and Awa di Lamunchi.

Lemongrass tea from Betta Grasse

Gwen Versteegh’s workshops on June 25th

During the festival at Te Amo Beach on June 25th, Gwen Versteegh with Zest for Life Yoga will be offering a morning and afternoon class. The morning class will be “Nurture Yourself- Start your Day with the Sun” from 8:30 – 9:30 AM. Starting your day with movement and sunlight is one of the best ways to wake up your body and your mind, to feel motivated for your day, overcome procrastination and to improve your well-being.

Yoga with Gwen

Join Gwen into the Sun Salutations to learn how to nurture yourself with only 5 to 10 minutes of practice in the morning. The class will end with a deep relaxation, the signature from Gwen’s classes and appreciated all over the island. Don’t miss out on this unique way to finish a Yoga practice.

In the afternoon, Gwen Versteegh will teach “Trust Yourself Through Arm Balances” from 3:30 – 4:30 PM. Trusting yourself means that you can learn to change your mindset, not only on the yoga mat but also in your life. Discover in-depth about the practice of arm balances and understand how and where to find your stability. You will also tone your body, find balance, improve your self-esteem and self-confidence, and face your fears. The class will end with a deep relaxation, the signature from Gwen’s classes and appreciated all over the island.

Additionally, Gwen will teach two mornings at Delfins Resort, and one morning and evening at Sorobon Beach Resort during the event.

How to join the event.

To learn more about the first annual Yoga & Wellness event on Bonaire and available packages, please visit bonaireyogafestival.com. You will find additional information that will help you build the best wellness package for your needs.



Yoga with Gwen

(Source: TCB, Betta Grasse, Zest for Life Yoga)

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