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La Dania’s Leap

La Dania’s Leap, Marked Site BNMP #10

​This site is known for “leaping” off the ledge and drift diving to Karpata. It is best to park temporarily at La Dania’s and set up dive gear. One diver should drive the vehicle, park at Karpata, and walk back to La Dania’s Leap. Then everyone gears up and takes a leap. Be sure not to forget any dive gear in the vehicle, or you will be waiting in the sun for a while!

La Dania’s is one of Bonaire’s few vertical walls, with numerous canyons and sand shoots. It is best to fully enjoy the deeper parts of the site as a first dive of the day. Look for tiny juvenile sunshine fish (yellow on top, bright blue below) on the mid-to-deep portions of the wall. Depth 15-100 feet (5-30 meters).

A pikeblenny on Bonaire's reef, image by Ellen Muller.
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