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PCR Testing on Bonaire Available for Visitors

by | Jan 15, 2021 | Air Travel, COVID, Tourism Announcements

COVID-19 PCR testing on Bonaire for visitors.

PCR testing on Bonaire (and rapid antigen testing) is now available for visitors requiring health travel documents.

COVID-19 PCR testing on Bonaire is now available from a leading health center in Bonaire, Health Center Bon Bida.  Starting on Monday, January 18, 2021, they will be able to conduct COVID-19 PCR testing on Bonaire, as well as the rapid antigen tests, for those travelers whose home countries require a negative PCR test before boarding their flight home.

Why do I need to do PCR testing on Bonaire?

With the COVID-19 pandemic still engulfing much of the world, many countries are now requiring their residents to provide proof of a negative contagion of COVID-19 prior to boarding their flights home.

This has recently been enacted by Canada, and the United States will begin requiring this as well starting January 26, 2021, for any U.S. residents who wish to return back to the United States.

Bonaire has been requiring proof of negative contagion for inbound visitors since July 1st, 2020, when borders were re-opened with restrictions.  To date, this entry requirement has proven effective in limiting the spread of the virus from tourism visitors to local residents.

Now with many countries mandating the same requirements, visitors to Bonaire may now need to test a second time prior to their departure from the island.  Health Center Bon Bida can assist with the PCR testing which most countries require, as well as with the more rapid antigen testing.

About PCR testing.

Health Center Bon Bida Bonaire provides the BIG registered and experienced nurses who will administer the PCR testing and who will also take care of the logistics on Bonaire. The tests will take place in accordance with the guidelines of the RIVM, the Netherland’s National Institute for Public Health and the Environment, and the tests will be processed by  Medical Laboratory Services, a leading laboratory in Curaçao that meets the strict Dutch Accreditation requirements.

If desired, for an additional charge, the nurse can take the test on location in the hotel room in a customer-friendly private environment with complete privacy.

The test result – if negative – is shared with the customer by e-mail by means of an official English travel document. The results will be available within 24-36 hours. In case of a positive test result, Health Center Bon Bida is obliged to report the status to the GGD.

About rapid antigen testing.

For those visitors who might fall ill while here on Bonaire, there is also the possibility to take an antigen rapid test with – if applicable – an official English travel document. This test provides faster results and is used to quickly determine possible contamination.

How do I make an appointment for my PCR or rapid antigen test?

Health Center Bon Bida is located at Bulevar Gobernador N. Debrot 74, right across the street from the Sand Dollar Condominiums and just north of the Hato traffic circle. Appointments can be made 7 days a week.

Or, if you prefer to be tested in the privacy of your own vacation accommodations, contact Health Center Bon Bida for an appointment to have the nurse visit you.

(Source:  Health Center Bon Bida)



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